15 and 25 Year Warranty Coverage

Warranty does not cover:

Pre-existing conditions, wood rotting below surface and not visible at time of application.  If board replacement is necessary, Sealonce will reseal new boards for no charge.  Graying, mold, sun damage, leaf staining,   Deck should be periodically cleaned.  Sub structure and underground wood.
Wood not sealed under deck, sub frame, floor joists, underground posts, insect damage.  Splitting of wood from nails or screws due to faulty installation causing deep cracking and splitting.  Not using galvanized nails or screws causing rust and deep splitting of wood.

Concrete Sealing:

Pre-existing conditions below the surface that were not visible at the time of application.  Poor flat work on new concrete.  Settling of concrete from ground movement causing cracking on the surface.  A.S.R (Alkaline Silica Reaction)