Wood Sealing

Water is the culprit!

We can protect and preserve the life of your deck, fence, and home siding with our Seal Once Wood Sealant. Our sealant is backed with a 25-year exclusive guarantee, so you can “seal it and forget it!”

Our clear, penetrating sealant is for use on any new or existing wood surfaces. It is 100% environmentally-safe!

Our sealant chemically reacts with wood to create a permanent, hardened barrier beneath the top surface which prevents moisture from penetrating. It also increases the density and strength of new or existing wood. We’re not on it, we’re in it!

No other sealant can match its unparalleled protection, which is why we guarantee it for 25 years!

Seal Once KC’s Wood Sealing Process

Below are the steps taken by our professionally trained and certified team to preserve the beautify and integrity of your wood deck or fence for years to come.

  • We pressure wash your deck or fence down to the natural wood to remove any dirt, debris and existing stain.
  • Then we apply 2 coats of our clear, penetrating sealant which begins working immediately.
  • This sealant forms a hardened barrier beneath the top surface of the wood preventing rain, snow, or melting ice from being absorbed into your wooden structure.
  • After sealing your deck, you can stain it or just enjoy its natural finish (Note: we do not offer wood-staining services).

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Wood cleaning & sealing job pics

Here are some pictures of work recently completed by Seal Once KC.

Log-sided house and 100-year old plank barn (good for another century!), Lone Jack, MO

Wood fence in Olathe, KS

Dana Wright’s (KMBZ 98.1fm radio personality) wooden deck

Wood deck, Higginsville, MO

Note: these pics were taken when the deck was still wet.

Wood-sided house in Weatherby, MO