Concrete Polishing

Our Concrete Polishing service can transform most concrete surfaces to a smooth and shiny finish!

Our polishing concrete service is actually like sanding wood with sand paper. We use heavy-duty machines that use diamond abrasives to grind down the concrete to different levels to produce a smooth and shiny surface. We generally gradually go from using a rough abrasive (coarse grit) to a smooth abrasive (fine grit). After we smooth out the concrete to your desired finish we then can also apply many colors of concrete stain. )

The Seal Once Difference

Here’s what our polishing service can do for your concrete:

  • Stain-resistant flooring surface
  • Cost-effective maintenance
  • Reduce tire abrasion and wear
  • No Extensive cleanup, toxins, or hazards

Seal Once KC’s Concrete Polishing Process

Here are the steps taken by our professionally trained and certified team to polish your concrete surfaces.

  • We start with more coarse grit diamond abrasives to remove small pits, blemishes and stains.
  • We then switch to fine grit diamond abrasives to polish the concrete into your desired sheen.
  • ​Then we apply 2 coats of our clear polyaspartic top coat that finishes the process

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Concrete polishing & sealing job pics

Here are some pictures of work recently completed by Seal Once KC.
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