Epoxy/Polymer Surfaces

​​We’ve got you covered!

In just one day, our team can cover and beautify your interior concrete surfaces with our durable and decorative polymer coatings.

In addition, Seal Once’s decorative polymer coatings offers a protective layer to concrete surfaces that is 4x stronger and flexible than epoxy. Our polymer coatings are backed by a 15-year guarantee.

The Seal Once KC Difference

Our decorative polymer coatings for indoor surfaces can be applied to floors in garages, basements, office areas, workshops, commercial buildings, and a whole lot more!

  • Large selection of preset colors to choose from (see the samples below)
  • Or custom-design your own color and logo!
  • Slip-resistant texture
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Brings the “wow!” factor to your property

Seal Once KC’s Polymer Coating Process

Below are the steps taken by our professionally trained and certified team to install our decorative polymer.

  • We diamond grind your concrete surface to remove any dirt, stains, and existing finishes.
  • If there are any cracks or pits present, we apply polymer menders and fillers to create a smooth surface.
  • ​We then mix at the job site 100% polymer solids, self-priming pure polyurea basecoat, which is then applied to the concrete.
  • ​Immediately after applying the basecoat, the Evolution Systems chip or Stone Finish is generously broadcast by hand, providing both color and texture to the floor.
  • Once the basecoat is fully cured, the floor is scraped and vacuumed to remove any loose or vertical standing flakes.
  • The final step is to roll down the UV stable polyaspartic clear coat.
  • After 4 to 6 hours the newly-coated floor can be walked on, and after 24 hours it can be returned to full use.

Decorative polymer surfaces job pics

​Click below to see some pictures of work recently completed by Seal Once KC.

Decorative Polymer Color Options

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Evolution Systems Chip Gallery

Standard Color Options

Epoxy Flake Color Sheet

House Metallic Pigment Color

Water Based Stain Colors

Acid Stain Color

Epoxy Pigment Colors